Slot – The Definition and Uses of the Word Slot


The word slot has a grammatical function and a variety of uses. It can fit in any sequence of morphemes. For example, a slot in the copy desk is an interior opening occupied by the chief copy editor. At the Gazette, a slot is an open job position. An airport is authorized by a slot. This article looks at the definition and uses of the word slot. It also discusses the meaning of slot in dynamic language.

Meaning of slot in dynamic language

Slot is a type of object which is used to store arrays. It stores the number of elements of an array, but it is not an array itself. Unlike a list, it is not a byte array. In order for an array to contain data, it must have a slot. The slot is a class property, and it is used to store a value. A class can have more than one slot. The slot must be the same size as the underlying data structure.

In dynamic languages, slots are global variables. They can be used to track a user’s previous activity. They don’t need to be filled by entities, but instead by actions and database queries. In this way, they are more efficient. This also means less work when it comes to building bot flows. For example, a slot can be used to track a user’s name. A slot’s value can be stored in a list, and a variable can be created and accessed using it.

Example sentences with slot

The subject slot is a crucial part of any English sentence. It allows you to insert a noun, pronoun, or phrase into the sentence. The best words to put in this slot are not always nouns. Sometimes, whole clauses or phrases can be better suited. Keep in mind that the grammatical names of words do not matter as much as the style of the sentence. Weak sentences will hurt your knees.

You can expand and contract grammar slots by placing a preposition after the verb. You can slot two adjectives together in the same sentence, as long as they are both adjectives. For example, a noun may be slotted between two nouns, such as “slotted” or “slotted.”

Synonyms for slot

There are 1312 synonyms for slot. To help you find the right one, we’ve compiled a list of the most common synonyms for slot. We hope you’ll find one that fits your personal taste and preferences. If you’d like to expand your lexicon, consider using a dictionary. In addition to English, slots are also known as electronic slot machines. If you’d prefer a different word, check out these other related terms:

Besides being the most common type of slot, a channel, groove, hole, niche, position, recess, slit, socket, deer track, and space are all synonyms for the word slot. This list includes many more definitions for slot, so make sure to explore them all thoroughly. In addition to its common meaning, it also has several etymologies. You can also look up synonyms for slot in the following lists:

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